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Chip, The Puppy With Two Homes

Jodi Hassler has created a wonderful resource for parents, lawyers and therapists.
In this brightly illustrated children’s book, Ms Hassler creates a place where children are able to relate and empathize with the lovable puppy from the shelter, who was so adored by two families, that he split his time between them. While anyone can be affected when his or her home-life grows to include two separate houses, Chip becomes especially overwhelmed. It is tough to remember two sets of rules, two sets of expectations, and sleep in two different beds. He just begins to feel comfortable in one home and it’s time to go back to the other. After a long walk in a beautiful garden where an incredibly wise owl helps him to look at things differently, Chip discovers that he has everything he needs to be happy in both of his homes.
While children are helpless at changing their new reality, they can develop healthy thinking patterns and perceptions about self and a new family situation.
This engaging story is designed to tap into the child’s own inner resources that will empower him or her to adjust to shared custody in a healthy manner.
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Hypnosis to Motivate You to Exercise and Eat Well

Want to look forward to working out and loving your veggies? This self hypnosis recording offers its listeners suggestions for both.
After listening to this self hypnosis CD you will feel like getting off of your couch, putting down the snacks and moving your body and mind towards a healthy lifestyle.
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All Is Well – Hypnosis for Insomnia

The introduction of this recording begins with valuable information for assisting the mind and body to quiet in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Tips are also given that help, not hinder, a night of restful bliss. This self hypnosis session for sleep is set to musical sounds utilizing embedded frequencies in the music (pink noise) that will induce a state of deep relaxation and lull the mind to sleep by working in concert with the brain’s natural rhythms.
This recording includes progressive relaxation, guided imagery and suggestions for falling asleep, staying asleep, prevention of nightmares, waking on time feeling rested and energized in the morning and more.
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A Guest In the Castle

“A Guest in the Castle” is a therapeutic audio book for children.
Is your child having a difficult time adjusting to your ex-spouse’s marriage?
Does your child feel like he/she doesn’t belong or is not being treated fairly at your ex-spouse’s house?
Would you like a tool that is not only entertaining, relaxing, healing, but teaches your child to cope with and adapt to this unavoidable reality?
“A Guest in the Castle” is a metaphoric story, set to the music of Bill Webb, for children ages 5-11, who are struggling with the remarriage of one or both parents. In this enticing story, Ali, a young princess becomes upset when she learns that her father the King, whom she loved spending time alone with, is remarrying and taking on a New Queen. Ali’s life is turned upside down until she meets with a mystical person who helps her see solutions to her problem.
The inspiration for this story came from an eight year old client of Jodi’s who told her one day that when she visited her father’s home after his remarriage, she felt like a “guest in his house”.
This story teaches girls and boys alike, how to manage their emotions with the many challenges in their new life at a parent’s home after a remarriage. Message: You can learn to cope with change and even find happiness in the new situation.
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Charlie’s Heavy Backpack

An audio book for children written by Jodi Hassler, LPC, RPT and MaryAnn Kildebeck, LCSW
Charlie, a young chimpanzee, finds out how difficult life can be when asked to keep a secret. With the help of Panda, Charlie finds relief from his heavy burden.
“Charlie’s Heavy Backpack” is a metaphoric story for young children to help them make healthy decisions about keeping secrets.
A must hear story for boys and girls ages 4-11.
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Jodi offers Personal and Professional Coaching to individuals, couples and families all over the world via phone, or video calling applications. She is licensed in the state of Texas to practice Psychotherapy. Jodi meets personally with clients in both the Dallas and Austin metroplex.
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