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When you work with Jodi, you will have an experienced and supportive partner who will provide a judgment-free zone where you can take the actions that will create the results you desire.

Jodi has been helping individuals, couples and families achieve the changes that they desire for more than 24 years. Her experience with people of all ages has taught her that that an empathetic relationship with a skilled therapist or coach can help one gain clarity and achieve the results and goals that they are seeking.
Work with Jodi and bring the changes that you seek to your life and relationships.

The stresses of daily life can activate the “stress response” and can wear your body down as well as your emotional health. No one can avoid all stress, but you can counteract its detrimental effects by learning how to produce the relaxation response. Get instant relief from stress.

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Jodi offers Personal and Professional Coaching to individuals, couples and families all over the world via phone, or video calling applications. She is licensed in the state of Texas to practice Psychotherapy. Jodi meets personally with clients in both the Dallas and Austin metroplex.
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